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housing ware everything

Post  shibenk on Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:50 am

Hi nama saya Zul, numpang jual
Buat temen" sebangsa yg butuh kebutuhan hidup
Selling used super cheap stuffs in package:

- Complete kitchenwares: all 20euro
drying rack, 2 glasses, 2 plates, chopping board, spatula, sushi tray, 2 tupperware boxes, whisk, 2 sieve, etc (detail pm me, there're a lot of stuffs coz I cook a lot)

- Pans and pots: all 20euro
2 non sticky pan (good condition, size 30cm n 22cm) , 1 pan (scratched), 1 wok pan, 2 pots, 1 pot with lid

- housing stuffs: all 20euro
12 wood hangers, 20 wood clothespins, 2 light bulb (11w n 7w) 1 electric socket, 2 bed/mattras cover sheet plus pillow cover

- fitness tools: all 20euro
1 pair power ankle (each 2,25kg) (new price 25euro), 1 shaker (new never used, at de tuinen might be 9 euro), 1 sport drink bottle (new never used, price at de tuinen same as shaker)

All price are fixed. Buy more than 2 package sets = price negotiable
send me e-mail shibenk_d_cool@yahoo.co.id or telpon +31621350994 or facebook Zul Rauf

btw saya ga tau cara upload pics di sini (sorry gaptek hehe) klo mw liat gambar kirim e-mail ajah or di fb


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